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Spray Tan
Our licensed Estheticians will customize your tan by preference and skin type to help you achieve the exact look you are going for. By using top of the line solutions, you will have a naturally bronzed glow that will last up to 7-10 days. Don't worry- this airbrush tan will NOT leave you streaky or orange!


Screen Shot 2021-02-11 at 7.39.39 PM.png
Classic AirBrush Tan

Using top of the line solutions that will leave you a with a natural bronzed finishing, we customize your spray tans to your liking! Great before a big event, or just a pick me up. Please don't lotion or wax before your appointment. If this is your first time getting a tan please feel free to reach out and ask us any questions!

Face Only | $15        1/2 Body | $22        Full Body | $35        Full Body 5 Pack | $160

Screen Shot 2021-02-11 at 7.36.58 PM.png
Organic AirBrush Tan

Customized spray tan using a top of the line Organic Solution. This solution is formulated using more organically derived ingredients. Glow on with no worries. Recommend for soon to be mommas!

Full Body | $40     Full Body 5 Pack | $185

Screen Shot 2021-02-11 at 7.38.54 PM.png
Rapid AirBrush Tan

This solution is for those on the go and ready glow! You will be able to shower 6-8 hours after your spray giving you the chance to sneak in a spray even with a jam packed schedule.

Full Body | $45     Full Body 5 Pack | $210

Add Ons
The following can be added on to any spray tan service. Please do not book this service on it's own. Book the service you desire and request your add on upon arrival.
Screen Shot 2021-02-11 at 7.37.12 PM.png
pH Equalizer

Amplify your tan!! This pH Equalizer will help keep your tanning glowing longer! It will help moisturize and balance your skin's pH after being sprayed to set the tan just perfectly.

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