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Loyalty Points

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Join the B Well Loyalty Points Party – It’s Rewarding! 


Ready to turn your self-care into a self-rewarding spree? At B Well, we’ve brewed up something special for our fabulous community — the B Well Loyalty Points Program! It’s our little way of saying a big ‘thank you’ for letting us be a part of your wellness journey. 


Rack ’Em Up, Cash ’Em In! 

How It Works

Every time you indulge in our services, you’re not just pampering yourself; you’re pocketing points! Here’s how our Loyalty Points stack up: 


Points start automatically
Spend. Collect.

1,000 Points: It’s like we’re giving you a virtual high-five with a $5 off on any service. Who doesn’t love a high-five? 

2,500 Points: Now we’re talking! That’s a smooth $20 off any service. The more you bask in relaxation, the more you save. 

10,000 Points: Go on, make it rain with $100 off any service! You’ve hit the self-care jackpot! 



Earn Points Like a Boss: 


The Nitty-Gritty: For every golden penny you spend, you’re piling up those points.


Spend $0.50, earn 1 point. It’s like a wellness savings account but more fun! 


The Spend and Splurge:

Drop $50? Boom – you just bagged 100 points. Spend $80? Bam – you’re 160 points richer.

For every additional $5, you’re adding more points to your loyalty treasure chest. 

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