Massage Therapy
Massage therapy is known to have many natural healing benefits to help the body restore its physical and emotional well-being. Our licensed massage therapists help our clients reduce their daily stress and tension. They're trained in a variety of clinical and holistic techniques. For the best Williamsville massage therapy services, come to B Well Massage & Esthetics!
B Well Signature Massage

During this session your therapist will use a variety of modalities to help relieve pain, reduce stress, and work specific problem areas. Warm towels and aroma therapy are incorporated throughout the session to intensify relaxation. Using hot stones along your back, the therapist is able to get deeper into the muscle tissue. This session is perfect for relieving muscle tension or discomfort and improving range of motion.

30 Minutes | $50        60 Minutes | $80        $90 Minutes | $110        2 Hours | $180

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage involves applying firm pressure and slow strokes to reach deeper layers of muscle and fascia. It's used for chronic aches and pain, as well as breaking up scar tissue. Your therapist will focus on specific problems, such as chronic muscle pain or injury rehabilitation. Cupping is included in this appointment upon request.

30 Minutes | $60        60 Minutes | $90        90 Minutes | $120

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Hot Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

Provides grounding properties to help to improve sleep and balance the Central Nervous System. Himalayan Salt Stone Massage supports Electromagnetic Overload from electronic devices. Additionally, the stone’s natural salt properties gently exfoliate the skin to promote naturally smooth and silky skin, reducing signs of aging.

60 Minutes | $125

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Maternity Massage

For our soon to be momma's, relax and get the extra TLC you need!! Throughout this massage our therapists will work on your specific problem areas. Maternity Massages increase circulation, relieve muscle overall muscle tension and improve range of motion.

60 Minutes | $80        90 Minutes | $110

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Cupping Therapy

During this session your therapist will focus on a specific problem area . Minor massage and stretching are incorporated. Clients may experience markings from the cups that will last 3-7 days. This treatment is extremely effective for chronic pain.

45 Minutes | $70

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Assisted Stretching Session

Myofascial assisted stretching aids in reducing overall tension, alleviates strain on your joints and improves flexibility. During this session your therapist will use traction while putting your body into a series of stretches. Fascial stretch focuses on restricted movement to maximize flexibility while using mild pressure with no pain. You will wear gym clothes during this session. This session is great for muscle recovery and improving posture!

45 Minutes | $70

Add Ons
The following can be added on to a booked massage service. Please do not book this service on it's own. Book the massage you desire and request your add on upon arrival.