Body Waxing
Stop messing around with razors and constant stubble. Take advantage of the following waxing services to enjoy longer smoothness and better regrowth.
Eyebrow Wax
Facial Waxing

Take your confidence to the next level with a variety of facial waxing offerings. View additional brow services on the Eyebrow Artistry services page or on our booking site. 

Brow Shaping | $20       Brow Touchup | $15        Unibrow | $10        Brow & Lip | $25

Lip | $12        Chin | $12        Sides | $15        Nose | $25        Ears | $20        Full Face | $50

Wax Appointment
Leg Waxing

Lower leg wax includes knees. Upper leg wax includes bikini line

Women's Lower Legs | $30        Women's Upper Legs | $45        Women's Full Legs | $75

Men's Half Legs | $35        Men's Full Legs | $70        Inner Thigh | $20

Image by Ameer Basheer
Arm Waxing

Half arm wax includes hands to elbow or elbow to shoulder. Full arm wax includes hands to shoulders. 

Underarms | $20        Women's Half Arm | $25        Women's Full Arm | $40

Men's Half Arm | $35        Men's Full Arm | $45

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Female Bikini Waxing

Bikini wax includes removal of any hair directly outside bikini line, while French Bikini wax goes further in on both sides and also includes the top of the bikini area. Brazilian wax includes removal of all hair in bikini area, while Aussie includes hair in the back area, as well. See the below add ons to make the most of your waxing experience. 

Tummy Strip | $20        Bikini | $35        French Bikini | $50        Brazilian | $60

Aussie | $65        Inner Thigh | $20        Full Butt | $50

Image by Tim Mossholder
Additional Body Waxing

We'll take care of almost any unwanted hair.

Full Butt | $25        Women's Back | $40        Women's Chest | $30 

Women's Stomach | $30        Men's Back | $50        Men's Back & Shoulder | $60 

Men's Back & Half Arm | $75        Men's Chest & Stomach | $50       

Add Ons
The following can be added on to any Bikini Waxing service. Please do not book this service on it's own. Book the service you desire and request your add on upon arrival.
The Pretty Kitty

This is the ultimate treatment for ingrown hairs, and can be added after any bikini waxing service. During this treatment we will take care of any pesky ingrown hairs with proper extraction techniques and high-frequency. We will then mask the bikini and top pubic region with a soothing, hydrating Hyrdojelly Mask!

The Jelly Kitty

This treatment is for those who want to maintain healthy, hydrated skin down there! This can be added after any bikini wax. We will apply a HydroJelly Mask to the bikini line and upper pubic region.



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