Lash Enhancement
We're here to provide you a bold, dramatic look that still appears natural. Choose from a variety of eyelash services to find the beautiful look you hope to achieve.
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Lash Lift

The perfect way to accentuate your natural lash! Get the makeover, without the commitment.

Lash Lift | $70            

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Lash Extensions 

Get that glamorous look you've always dreamed of. Your lash tech will go over the exact look you want achieve, and suggest what would be best for you. Lash extensions last through a full growth cycle of natural eyelashes but should be maintained with a fill every 3-4 weeks. Volume lashes create a fluffy, softer look giving you lots of volume. Classic lashes are for those looking for a subtle set or a more natural look.

Volume Full Set | $175        Volume Fill | $70

Classic Full Set | $120        Classic Fill | $50+        Lash Removal | $25+